How to wash a large teddy bear

Stuffed animals are dirty, yellowed, moldy... but you don't know how to wash bright white teddy bears and smell good again? Let Top Stuffed guide you on how to clean and properly wash teddy bears so they don't fall flat, don't get ruffled... in the article below.

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How to wash a large teddy bear

Teddy bears are always children's favorite toys. However, teddy bears used for a long time will get dusty and sticky. Let's see how to wash large and small teddy bears in this article!

How to wash teddy bears clean and fast

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How to wash teddy bears clean and fast

Bleach teddy bears by dry cleaning

Currently, on the market there are many types of teddy bears made from different types of materials. For stuffed animals with built-in electronics, or teddy bears with hygroscopic particles, you should apply the dry cleaning method.

This is the best way to wash teddy bears to keep their shape intact. All you need to do is simply transport the stuffed animal from home to the store. The rest will be handled by the teddy bear laundry service. Just like that, your stuffed animal can be white again like new.

Bleach teddy bears by dry cleaning

However, today's fast laundry services often use bleach to remove strong stains, plus a rather strong scent. So when you're done washing stuffed animals, don't let your baby play right away, but let them dry in the sun for the scent and chemical smell to disappear.

In addition, currently on the market, there are also washing machines with integrated dry cleaning function. If your home has this type of washing machine available, you can use them without going to the store.

How to wash teddy bears at home by hand

If you are a careful person and want to hand wash your baby's plushies, you can hand wash them with OMO Detergent Gentle on Skin. This is a product from a famous brand of washing powder , trusted by many families.

OMO Gentle on Skin is formulated with 0% parabens, 0% bleaches, 0% colorants. As a result, they help keep clothes clean but still protect your baby's sensitive skin. The product has been certified by the Central Academy of Dermatology as safe for baby's sensitive skin.

How to wash teddy bears at home by hand

Therefore, you no longer have to worry about skin irritation when contacting teddy bears regularly. In addition, the suitable water is also suitable for both top-loading and hand-washing machines .

After choosing a safe soap, follow the instructions on how to wash teddy bears by hand below:
  • Step 1: Soak the teddy bear in soapy water for about 20-30 minutes. This is how to clean stains on teddy bears you should not ignore.
  • Step 2: When washing stuffed animals, pay attention to only gently squeeze your hands, do not rub hard because felt fabric is easy to shed. Just squeeze your hand around the stain for a while and it will clean.
  • Step 3: Rinse with water until you feel the teddy bear is clean. A small tip to make your cleaning work more perfect is, you should soak the stuffed animal in clean water for about 15-20 more. This will help the soapy water remaining in the cotton to dissolve. Accordingly, helping your stuffed animal not have an unpleasant smell when washing.
  • Step 4: Dry the teddy bear. Attention, you should only dry in natural sunlight; Limit the use of the dryer to avoid damaging the teddy bear.

How to wash teddy bears in the washing machine

Many people are often afraid that using a washing machine will make the teddy bear quickly flatten and lose its shape... However, you can rest assured when you put a small teddy bear in a washing bag when washing with a washing machine. Mesh laundry bags will reduce friction and ensure the durability of teddy bears.

How to wash teddy bears in the washing machine

As for large stuffed animals, remove all the cotton in the bear's intestines and put the bear shell in a laundry bag. How to wash a large teddy bear in a washing machine is the same as for normal clothes.

How to wash teddy bears with baking soda

In addition to washing stuffed animals with the dry cleaning method, you can also clean them at home with baking soda (baking salt). Baking soda has the ability to absorb moisture and remove odors very effectively. Therefore, they help your teddy bear clean and smell good quickly.

How to wash teddy bears with baking soda
How to wash teddy bears with baking soda

How to wash teddy bears with baking soda is done as follows:
  • First, you need to prepare baking soda and 1 roll of food wrap; or a large plastic bag (depending on the size of the stuffed animal).
  • Then, put the stuffed animal in a dry place and sprinkle baking soda all over the stuffed animal
  • Cover the stuffed animal covered with baking soda with cling film.
  • Shake them vigorously for 5 minutes; After shaking for 15-20 minutes, the baking soda has enough time to absorb all the dirt and impurities on the teddy bear's fur.
  • Finally, you just need to remove the stuffed animal cover, brush it off; Or use a vacuum cleaner to clean the layer of baking soda that is still on the teddy bear.
Just know how to wash a large teddy bear as simple as above, you can keep your stuffed animal as clean as new. Apply it and wait for the results! 

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