What do you know about Teddy Bear?

Teddy bear is a stuffed animal gift bear shape with large and extra large sizes for all ages. Have you ever wondered about the name "Teddy" and why did you choose teddy bears as a gift? Please refer to the article below with Top Stuffed.

Teddy bear History

Few people know that the name Teddy Bear came from former US President Theodore Roosevelt – who was nicknamed "Teddy". The story of the Teddy bear has its roots in an incident on a hunting trip in Mississippi in October 1902, to which President Roosevelt was invited. In this trip there are many snipers who love hunting and everyone is determined to bring back the spoils. One of President Roosevelt's entourage, Holt Collier, trapped a cub, a North American black bear, and cornered it at the foot of a willow tree. Collier invited the president to come and suggested that he shoot the cub. He refused to shoot the bear. This story later became a topic of public discussion and was drawn by Clifford Berryman and published in the Washington Post on November 16, 1992.
Teddy Bear History

Morris Michtom, after reading the story of Roosevelt and this cub, came up with an idea to create a new toy. He created a stuffed cub and placed it in his shop window with an attached nametag that read "Teddy's bear". He then sent the toy to the president for permission to mass produce and sell it. Teddy Bear was an instant success in the US market, Michtom founded Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. This company still exists today.

Teddy bear symbolizes love forever

It can be a passionate friendship, a burning love or a bond between family members. Although there are different meanings between the two objects being given and given, the teddy bear is considered a symbol of love between the couple.
Teddy bear symbolizes love forever

The number 1 best-seller in stuffed animals in general is teddy bears. As soon as it appeared on the market (under US President Theodore Roosovelt), this teddy bear was loved by the children. Because it is a symbol of compassion, innocence and love for nature.

According to experts, if a girlfriend receives a teddy bear gift from a guy, it means that she is trying to confess or propose to you. Most girls have a habit of hugging teddy bears when reading, relaxing or sleeping. Guys often choose teddy bears to give to girls on special occasions so that when he is not around, she hugs the teddy bear as if he was there. Teddy bears are like a close friend and confidant of girls when they are happy as well as when they are sad, they can hug, sniff, whine, cry, ... but the teddy bears are always obedient and silent. Be quiet next to listen to all your girlfriend's thoughts.

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