4 Great Benefits Of Teddy Bears

As children, we all had our own favorite toys. Like trains, dolls or teddy bears, these toys join children in games and nurture their imagination. Today, toys can come in many different shapes, but our children, in the end, always choose the teddy bear, the inseparable friend who can talk, listen and go anywhere. where with children.

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1. Teddy bears help children learn independence

Currently, sometimes due to work needs, many parents have to separate their children early by letting them sleep in their cots. This makes the child always feel lonely because of the mother's lack of breath too soon. So to solve this situation, buy your baby a teddy bear to hug while sleeping, the baby will quickly separate from the mother's breath and thus make the baby more independent. One of the things young children fears the most is separating themselves from their parents. Thanks to stuffed animals, the vulnerability of missing parents has been significantly reduced. This will not only improve the child's self-esteem, but also help them reduce stress, and regulate blood pressure. Last but not least, playing with teddy bears evokes feelings of peace and security. The most complete and comfortable.
Teddy bears help children learn independence

2. Teddy bears help children learn new skills

By playing with teddy bears, children can practice essential skills. For example, when it's time to brush their teeth or get dressed, you can ask your child to show his teddy bear how to do it. which it does. Toddlers love role-playing, basically because it allows them to be adults and do what adults do. As we have shown in this post, role-playing is an important component of a child's learning process because children begin to understand the world they live in by playing.

Teddy bears help children learn new skills

3. Teddy bears help children express themselves

As parents, we can help our children better manage their emotions with their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal. If your children cry whenever you leave or when you drop them off at kindergarten, try to do those things at home. Take your child's teddy bear and pretend it has to go to kindergarten. You might say something like: What's going on, teddy bear? Why are you crying? Encourage your children to answer their teddy and make them see that it is not good. At the kindergarten there are beautiful and active teachers, there are many toys and there are other children to play with. together. You can go home early and be able to share all the good things you did today at school. Make sure he sees the positive side of things and let him reassure his teddy bear. That way, children will have the skills they need to apply them to themselves.
Teddy bears help children express themselves

4. Teddy bears help children learn to communicate

Teddy bears help children communicate in a better way. Use teddy bears to emphasize important issues such as empathy or sharing. Suppose the child is at a birthday party, for example. The cake should be divided so that everyone has a piece. Otherwise, the teddy bear will be sad or even angry. It's not fair that some people have cake and others don't, right?

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